Have you ever felt like nobody cares about you? That’s the way I feel ALL the time. Yeah I may be a weirdo, but I’m proud of it. No one can stop me from being… well… me. I have a few friends at school, but I have the whole Fizzy Family that I can go to if I need someone to talk to. If you ever feel like no one notices you, it’s not true. Someone is always watching you. ALWAYS. I just wanted to get that off my chest because I’m really sad for no reason right now. I write to cheer myself up. Hope this inspires someone. Life is good. :)

Fizzy Family :)

I haven’t been part of the Fizzy Family for long, but I feel like I have been in it FOREVER. I love Damon with all my heart and he is 1 of my 3 inspirations. I would like to make YouTube videos but I need a working camera and microphone. If Damon sees this, I LOVE YOU TO DEATH… not literally to death but you get the point. Never quit being you. Life IS good. Check me out on Keek @RAWRmahone…then subscribe to @deefizzy… DO IT! So yeah,so bored… i need something to do… Call me maybe? ;)